Delta is the first app that allows you to add 'custom coins' for recording ICO investments. This means you can properly track your investment and just merge it with the current listing when the coin becomes tradable!

Here's how to add a 'custom coin':

  1. In your portfolio tab, tap the 'plus' circle to open the search page to add a coin.

  2. Type in your custom coin name and select 'Add a custom coin' option.

  3. Fill out the details about your ICO investment and then add the transaction. The coin you invested with goes in the in 'Bought with' field (for example ETH) and fiat price of ETH set by the company doing the ICO (or the then rate of ETH) goes in the 'Exchange rate' field.

  4. Once your coin hits exchanges we support, you can merge it with a tradable coin.

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