So you moved some coins around and you want to have Delta reflect the transaction fees you paid for this? We now have a dedicated 'Transfer' option! You can now record cryptocurrency transfers between exchanges, wallets, mining and much more.

To enter deposits, transfers or withdrawals:

  1. Click on the Plus sign in the circle

  2. Choose "Add a transaction manually"

  3. Choose "Crypto"

  4. Search for the coin you want to add the transfer for.

  5. Select 'Transfer' from the three options.

  6. Select the source (Sent From) and destination (Sent To) of the coins and any fees for the transfer. The app will treat the transaction as a Deposit, Withdraw or Transfer depending on the 'Sent From' and 'Sent To' selection as shown below.

  7. Add transaction and you're done!

Deposit (amount - fee will be added):

Other Wallet, Airdrop, Mining, Fork, Dividends or Other / Unknown - > Exchange or My Wallet

Withdraw (amount + fee will be deducted):

Exchange or My Wallet - > Other Wallet or Other / Unknown

Transfer (only fee will be deducted):

Exchange or My Wallet - > Exchange or My Wallet

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