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How do I record a transfer between crypto exchanges or wallets?
How do I record a transfer between crypto exchanges or wallets?

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So you moved some coins around and you want to have Delta reflect the transaction fees you paid for this? You can use our dedicated 'Transfer' option for this! You can record cryptocurrency transfers between exchanges, wallets, mining, and much more.

To enter deposits, transfers, or withdrawals:

  1. Click on the Plus sign in the circle on the portfolio screen

  2. Choose "Add Manual Transaction" (or click here)

  3. Choose "Crypto"

  4. Search for the coin you want to add the transfer for.

  5. Select 'Transfer' from the three options.

  6. Select the source (Sent From) and destination (Sent To) of the coins and any fees for the transfer. The app will treat the transaction as a Deposit, Withdraw or Transfer depending on the 'Sent From' and 'Sent To' selection as shown below.

  7. Press "Add Transaction" and you're done!

Deposit (amount - fee will be added):

Other Wallet (not yours), Airdrop, Mining, Fork, Dividends / Staking or Other / Unknown - > Exchange or My Wallet

Withdraw (amount + fee will be deducted):

Exchange or My Wallet - > Other Wallet or Other / Unknown

Transfer (only fee will be deducted):

Exchange or My Wallet - > Exchange or My Wallet

Example: Withdrawing money from an exchange to your wallet

You will want to follow the steps above and select the source (Sent From) to be Exchange and the destination (Sent To) to be My Wallet. After adding all of the details, the only thing that will be deducted from your balance is the transaction fee. The crypto will then be represented as being stored under your wallet but will remain in your balance.

PRO TIP: If you get a negative balance warning, please take a look at this article here which will help explain the issue and how to fix it.
โ€‹PRO TIP 2: If you have two separate portfolios set up, one for exchange and one for a wallet, for example, you will need to enter a transfer out to an "other wallet (not yours)" from the source portfolio and for the destination portfolio, you will need to enter a transfer in from an "other wallet (not yours)" as the example above is designed for a portfolio where you track both exchanges and wallets on the same portfolio.

PRO TIP 3: If you have both the wallet and the exchange connected to it that you are transferring between, refresh these connections and the transactions should be imported as a withdrawal and a deposit. You might need to edit the transaction to show that it has been withdrawn to your wallet address as Delta will not know where the funds have been withdrawn to when making a withdrawal from an exchange.

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