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How can I personalize Delta?
How can I personalize Delta?

Themes, layouts, colors, notifications. Many customizations possible!

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We provide many ways in which you can personalize Delta and will continue adding such options. Here's an overview of the many ways to customize Delta:


Press here to open General Settings in Delta.


You can select the language of the app choosing from English, French, Spanish, Russian, and many others! We'll add support for more languages down the line.

Fiat Currencies

Choose the primary and secondary fiat currency in the app. This will show the value of the assets in Delta in your local/secondary currency.

Default Landing

Set the default landing page when you open the app to view the Portfolio, Following, Markets, News & Direct, or Notifications screen.

Default Markets Landing

Only care about one asset type? You can set your default Markets landing page to Crypto, Stocks, NFTs, or any single asset type and you'll land directly on that page when you open the Markets tab. Alternatively, you can select Overview to see more than one asset type.

Disable Advertisements (PRO)

If you don't want to see advertisements, and you are PRO, you can disable them with this option.

View Options

Press here to open View Options Settings in Delta.

Show Portfolio Chart

Show your portfolio history graph in the background behind your portfolio balance instead of an even shade of red/green.

Dark Mode

Finding the regular 'Light' mode a little too bright? We have a slick dark mode for you as well.

Color/Monochrome Mode (PRO)

PRO users can select our exclusive and slick monochrome mode!

Invert Red/Green

If you are from a region that uses red for positive gains and green for losses then this option is for you! Or if you just want to feel a bit better during bear markets!

Chart Type

Switch seamlessly between candle stick charts and line charts.

Hide 0 holdings

Sold everything you had in a coin and have 0 holdings in it? You can hide such coins from your portfolio view by turning on this option. Do this instead of deleting the coin, as that will mess up your portfolio.

Hide small holdings

Have a lot of dust/coins with very small holdings? Turn on this option to hide coins that account for less than 0.2% of your portfolio. Do this instead of deleting the coin, as that will mess up your portfolio.


Press here to open Calculations Settings in Delta.

Add Available Cash to Holdings

Enabling this setting adds the available cash value to the portfolio balance.


Press here to open Notifications Settings in Delta.

We have many kinds of notifications including end-of-day portfolio updates, significant change updates, Delta Direct notifications, and other updates which you can now turn on/off as per your preferences. Note that personal price alerts are not impacted by these settings. Significant change coin updates can also be controlled on a "per-coin" basis through the alerts tab of each asset.


Press here to open Security Settings in Delta.

Want to keep your holdings and transactions safe? Here, you can add a passcode lock to Delta. You can also enable/disable the ability to unlock Delta with biometrics instead of entering the passcode.

PRO TIP: If you need further clarification on any of the settings above, you can write to us at

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