Warning: If you do not see data in your portfolio, DO NOT sign in. Please contact Delta by going into Settings -> Support (or click here) -> Contact Support so we can help you further on this.

Important: This is the OLD way of syncing/transferring data between devices. The new way uses Delta accounts which you can learn about here.

If you have already signed in via your Delta Account/eToro SSO, you will not have these options and you will need to follow the steps in the link above to sync/transfer your data between your devices.

You cannot sync your data with the old desktop app after connecting your Delta account.

The process to transfer a Delta account from one device to another is super easy! All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. On your old device (with your data) go into Settings -> Devices & Data -> Transfer data -> Transfer to other device. This will open the camera to scan a QR code.

  2. Install Delta on your new device and go into Settings -> Devices & Data -> Transfer data -> Transfer to this device. This will display a QR code that is valid for only 10 minutes.

  3. After you scan the QR code, the app will ask for confirmation.

Please note that transferring will move ALL the data from this device to another i.e. the data will be removed from the old device. If there was any existing data on the new device it will be removed as well and overwritten by the data you are transferring. This is irreversible!

PRO TIP: It is necessary that the old device has at least one transaction. This is a safety measure to prevent users from accidentally syncing an empty device onto a device with actual data.

PRO TIP 2: Make sure that you have chosen the correct direction on each device (whether syncing from/to a device) to ensure that you are not overwriting the wrong device and losing your data.

PRO TIP 3: If instead you wanted to sync data between your devices (where both devices have the data), check the article on device syncing here.

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