NOTE: Delta Desktop app has been shelved for the time being, we are a small team doing lots of hard work. We plan to revisit the desktop app in 2021 in some form if it be a straight update or a web app, these support articles are here for those who take the risk at still using it.

Tried syncing your desktop from the QR code it shows upon start, but that did nothing? Or was the QR code never shown? No problem! You need to follow these steps to fix the issue:

First, remove the desktop app from the list of synced devices if it is there.

  1. Open Delta on your phone / primary device.

  2. Go into Settings -> Sync Data  -> Remove a device and tap on the device (desktop) to remove the sync.

Second, delete all application data on desktop.

  • Windows: Uninstall Delta from the Control Panel and then delete the Delta folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Delta

  • MacOS: Delete Delta from the Applications folder. Then open Finder, click on 'Go' or 'Go to' in the menu bar, hold down the Alt/Option key to bring up the Library option and then click on it. Then open the folder, Application Support, and delete the Delta folder.

  • Linux: Delete ~/.config/Delta to delete all application data.

You can request the download links from
When the app starts it will now show a QR code and instructions for syncing with your phone. Follow the instructions to sync data from your phone to the desktop.

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