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How do I record coins earned from mining, forks, airdrops, or dividends?
How do I record coins earned from mining, forks, airdrops, or dividends?
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Adding cryptocurrency deposits from mining, forks, airdrops, and dividends is now very easy! (Please make sure you have the latest version of our app).

  1. Simply tap the plus sign in the bottom right and click on "Add Manual Transaction".

  2. Then, click on "Crypto" and search for the coin of interest (or click here to add a manual transaction).

  3. Add a manual transaction and select the 'Transfer' option.

  4. In the 'Sent/Received From' field select one of the following: Airdrop, Mining, Fork, or Dividends/Staking depending on your source.

  5. Select an exchange or 'My Wallet' in the 'Sent To' field.

  6. Enter the amount that was received and any fees (if applicable).

  7. Add transaction and you're done! The app will create a deposit entry and add the appropriate amount to your holdings. You can see an example of a BTC airdrop below.

PRO TIP: These will be added as fair value to the cost at the time of the transaction. To set a 0 cost basis for these transactions, if your tax system is different and requires you to, head into Settings in Delta -> Calculations (or click here to open Settings) -> "Use 0 cost basis for forks, mining & dividends".

PRO TIP 2: You will not see the transfer function for stocks and ETFs, instead you will see a Dividend button which you can use to add dividends for that stock/ETF.

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