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How can I change the theme in Delta?
How can I change the theme in Delta?

You can choose between Light or Dark mode!

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Finding things a little bright or dark in Delta? No problem, we got you! You can select either a Light or Dark mode in Delta.

To change between the two:

  1. Open the sidebar by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left of your portfolio screen.

  2. Go to "Settings".

  3. Tap on "View Options" (or click here to open View Options).

  4. Toggle on/off "Dark Mode" to your preference.

PRO TIP: You can quickly change between light/dark mode by tapping on the sun/moon button. To find this, go into Settings (or click here) and then press the button in the top left (to the right of the monochrome button).

PRO TIP 2: If you want to change to the monochrome mode in Delta, you can follow this guide here.

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