We currently do not support this method anymore as the Desktop Delta is now shelved until 2021 when we hope we can get some further resources to develop it or a variant properly.

CSV ability will move to the mobile app however, they may be a period where we cannot do CSV we do hope this is only a short period and are very sorry in advance for any inconvenience.

If you want to use the Desktop version (at own risk) please email support@delta.app

You can export a list of your transactions into a .csv only on our desktop version. Here's how:

  1. Head over to Settings -> Export transactions to CSV file

  2. Select the portfolio you want to export. You are ready to export now! Check below for some additional options.

  • If you only want transactions from a certain date range, enter those in the Export From and Export To field.

  • If you would like to have an extra column in your export file which gives the worth of every transaction on a particular date turn on this toggle and select that date. This option is particularly useful for tax purposes in certain countries. You can also select the currency unit for this column. It will be set to your default currency by default ;)

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