CSV Import was a feature available via our desktop application which has now been deprecated. You can still get the desktop app by emailing us at support@delta.app

*For now, this feature only supports our own CSV format. We'll add support for specific exchange CSV formats in the future.

To import a .csv file:

  1. Go to Settings on the desktop app.

  2. Tap on 'Import transactions from CSV file'.

  3. Select a file to import.

  4. Select the format / exchange (only Delta CSV is currently available).

  5. Select the portfolio you want to import the trades into.

  6. Remove Existing Transactions: Turning this on will remove any transactions that were added manually, for the coins that are represented in the imported file.

  7. Always Deduct From Holdings: Turning this option on will always automatically create a corresponding buy or sell transaction. For example, for a buy of ETH/BTC, an automatic sell entry will be created under BTC. We recommend to keep this toggle on for all exchange CSV files. Keep it off, for the Delta CSV format if you have specified the behaviour via the 'Sync holdings' column explained below.

Import Formats

Delta CSV:

  1. Download the template.

  2.  Enter all the transaction data in the file as explained in the template. Other than the exchange name, all fields are case sensitive so make sure you enter them as per the template.

  3. Make sure that all values for Base amount, Quote amount and Fee are positive (not negative or zero) for all types of transactions.

  4. For transfer-type transactions (deposits, withdrawals or transfers) make sure the "Sent from" and "Sent to" combinations are properly entered.

  5. Sync holdings: The value for this column can be '0' or '1'. When set to 1, an automatic add to / deduct from entry is created. For example if you buy ETH / BTC an automatic sell entry under BTC will be created (to deduct BTC from the portfolio) if 'Sync holdings' value is set to 1.

  6. Once all data is added, delete the rows with the instructions (keep the row with field names) and import the file according to instructions above.

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