You can completely customize the currencies your portfolio(s) is now displayed in. You can choose ANY fiat or cryptocurrency we support and going up to 8 possible currency options. To toggle between the currencies you only need to tap on your main portfolio balance.
You can even set it separately for each portfolio.

To set your currency options:

  1. Head over to Settings -> Portfolio Currency Options.
  2. Choose a portfolio
  3. Set your first, second, third (and so on up to 8) currencies you want.
  4. If you wish to apply these currency settings to all other portfolios, tap the 3 dots on the top right and select 'Apply these currencies to all portfolio'.

By default, the currency settings are set to - Your default local fiat currency and 'Coin Price Source'. Coin Price Source displays the portfolio total in BTC but each individual coin shows numbers in the source pair selected.

Portfolio currency settings apply only to the portfolio as the name suggests. If you open a coin details screen it will toggle between your default (local) fiat currency and the coin price source selected.

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