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How can I record a coin swap in Delta?
How can I record a coin swap in Delta?

For example, how to record a VeChain VEN to VET swap.

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How do I record a coin swap in Delta? Since there are multiple ways and not one perfect solution on how to track such swaps in a portfolio tracker, Delta will not automate/perform some sort of "swap" within the app. However, here are a few ways you can reconcile data in your portfolio with any swaps, such as VEN to VET.

Simple sell for 0 value

  • SELL the old coin (VEN) at a price of 0.

  • Enter a BUY of the new coin (VET) at a price of 0.

  • This method is simplest and recommended if you are not concerned with keeping the same profit & loss values for VET that you had for VEN and registering a realized loss for VEN and starting VET with a cost basis of zero.

Sell for the current price

  • Enter a SELL of all your VEN for the current market price (or price at the time of swap)

  • Enter a BUY of VET at the current market price or price (or price at the time of swap)

  • Essentially, this pair of buy and sell behaves as a VET / VEN buy. This method is recommended if, from your perspective, the swap can be recorded as an indirect VET / VEN trade.

Replace all trades with the new coin (Multiply, if required)
Since swapping over to a new chain or technology is NOT considered a taxable event in most countries (check your region's regulations!), you can simply replace transactions for one coin with the new or swapped coin as long as the old coin is completely dead or deleted.

  1. Export a CSV of your portfolio (available via the desktop version which is no longer supported). 

  2. In a copy of the CSV file, delete all lines but keep only those that correspond to VEN transactions. Keep a BACK-UP of this CSV file before making the following modifications!

  3. Multiply all VEN amounts by 100 (or whatever multiplier for your particular swap).

  4. Replace the ticker with VET (VeChain) instead of VEN (VeChain).

  5. Make sure you select an exchange that is supported for the new coin (VET, in this example) otherwise the app will give an error.

  6. Import the CSV with the modified VET transactions. (Recommend importing into a new portfolio to test this).

  7. If VET transactions look okay and the costs/proceeds from these transactions are similar (they will not be exactly equal), go to VEN in your portfolio and click "Remove from portfolio". Removing a coin from the portfolio deletes all its and any linked transactions and is irreversible!


  • If you need to revert the above, just remove the VET from your portfolio and import the backup mentioned above with the VEN trades.

  • Again, removing coins from the portfolio is irreversible! These changes are also reflected in the backup QR code which is a dynamic backup and a snapshot. In short, having a backup QR code will not help you recover deleted coins.

  • This method is for those who want to keep the exact same transaction history and similar cost basis for VET as for VEN.

It is up to you, to decide which method to use depending on your perspective, tax regulations, and/or personal preference.

PRO TIP: You are using the desktop app at your own risk as it has not received an update in a few years. We are not able to offer support on it because it is no longer supported by us. We are working on an updated desktop app but there is no ETA at this time.

PRO TIP 2: We do not support CSV import via the mobile app.

PRO TIP 3: If you receive an error when importing a CSV, you can follow this guide here to help you diagnose and fix this.

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