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How are Advanced Metrics calculated?
How are Advanced Metrics calculated?

Advanced metrics methodology

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Advanced Metrics is a PRO feature and offers deeper insights into the cost basis, gains, and performance of each investment in your portfolio.

Cost Metrics

Total Cost Basis:

For every purchase (Buy transaction or income from mining, airdrop, fork, or dividends):

Total Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis before + Cost of transaction

The cost of a transaction includes fees paid. For income from mining, airdrops, forks, and dividends, the cost of the transaction will depend on the settings you have set up. If you have "Use 0 cost basis for forks, mining & dividends" enabled, the cost basis would be 0. If you have it disabled, the fair market value (FMV) of the coin is obtained. You can edit this setting by going into Settings -> Calculations or by clicking here.

For example, if you received some coins via a fork and at that time the total coins are valued at $100, then $100 is considered the cost of this transaction.

For every sell transaction:

Total Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis before - Cost basis of units sold

The cost basis depends on the order of transactions. For the first Buy transaction, Total Costs Basis = cost of that transaction (including fees). Total Cost Basis is then calculated forward according to the above formulae.

Unit Cost Basis:

Unit Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis / Holdings

Gains Metrics

Unrealized Gains:

Unrealized Gains = Market value - Total Cost Basis

Realized Gains:

Realized Gains = SUM of realized gains of individual sell transactions

Realized gain of individual transactions is:

Proceeds from that transaction - Cost basis of the amount sold

Performance Metrics

% Change:

% Change is simply the unrealized gains as a percentage of the total cost basis. The higher the better.

% Change = Unrealized Gains x 100 / Total Cost Basis

Decision Score:

The decision score is the percentage of sell transactions with positive realized gains. It can range from 0% to 100% (the best).

Decision Score = Number of sells with positive realized gains x 100 / Total number of sells

PRO TIP: These stats are only available if you are a PRO member and have the PRO subscription in the app. You can learn how to buy PRO here.

PRO TIP 2: All advanced metrics use the Average / Adjusted Cost Basis (ACB) method at the moment. More methods might become available in the future.

PRO TIP 3: If you think some of the data is wrong, please check through your transaction history to ensure that what you have entered is accurate. Delta will only do as it is told based on the information that has been entered. If you cannot see anything wrong in the transaction history, and the outcome is still different using the calculations above, please write to us at

PRO TIP 4: The value for the asset and its calculations shown above will be shown in the currency's default value (the pricing source for crypto, USD for US-listed stocks, GBP for UK-listed funds, etc). To switch to your primary currency, if it's different from the currency of the asset, just click on the asset value above the chart.

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