Advanced Metrics is a PRO feature and offers deeper insights into cost basis, gains and performance of each your investment in each crypto asset. Work is in progress to iron out some issues. Please contact us at if you have any questions!

Note: All advanced metrics use Average / Adjusted Cost Basis (ACB) method at the moment. More methods might become available in the future.


Total Cost Basis:

For every purchase (Buy or income from mining, airdrop, fork or dividends):

Total Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis before + Cost of transaction

The cost of a transaction includes fees paid. For income from mining, airdrops, forks, dividends, cost of the transaction is the fair market value (FMV) of coin obtained. For example, if you received some coins via a fork and at that time the total coins are values at $100, then $100 is considered the cost of this transaction.

For every sell:

Total Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis before - Cost basis of units sold

Cost Basis depends on the order of transactions. For the first Buy transaction, Total Costs Basis = cost of that transaction (including fees). Total Cost Basis is then calculated forward according to above formulae.

Unit Cost Basis:

Unit Cost Basis = Total Cost Basis / Holdings


Unrealized Gains:

Unrealized Gains = Market value - Total Cost Basis

Realized Gains:

Realized Gains = SUM of realized gains of individual sell transactions

Realized gain of an individual transactions is:

Proceeds from that transaction - Cost basis of the amount sold


% Change:

% Change is simply the unrealized gains as a percentage of the total cost basis. The higher the better.

% Change = Unrealized Gains x 100 / Total Cost Basis

Decision Score:

Decision score is the percentage of sells with positive realized gains. It can range from 0% to 100% (the best).

Decision Score = Number of sells with positive realized gains x 100 / Total number of sells

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