Just want to keep track of cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices or other assets and not add transactions? No problem! You can just Follow assets independent of your portfolio and they will show in your "Following" list.. That means there is no clutter in your portfolio and you can independently setup alerts for your Following list. Here's how to follow coins

  1. Tap the search button (magnifying glass icon) in the top right anywhere in the app.
  2. Search for the asset of your choice by typing it's name or ticker symbol.
  3. Tap on the star icon to follow the asset you are interested in.
  4. By default, the source of the price of the coin is the global average in your currency

You can even follow assets from your portfolio. Simply open the asset screen from your portfolio and tap the star icon in the top right. This asset with the same exchange and pair will be added to your Following list.

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