You can either tap the hamburger icon (top left) or swipe in from the left edge to bring up the options to switch, rename or delete portfolios.

To switch, simply scroll and tap on the portfolio of your choice.

To rename, tap the 'edit' icon (next to "My Portfolios") and then the pencil icon (A) to type in a new name for the portfolio. Click Submit when you want to change the portfolio name.

To delete, tap the 'edit' icon (next to "My Portfolios") and then on the red delete icon (B) to completely remove a portfolio. Please note that this action is irreversible! The portfolio cannot be recovered EVEN IF you have a recovery code. This is due to the recovery code being dynamic, it is not a snapshot.

PRO TIP: You cannot have a portfolio name longer than 50 characters. Please ensure that the name you want is equal to or less than this.

PRO TIP 2: You can have portfolios with the same name, it will not affect the way the app works.

PRO TIP 3: You can also switch the portfolio by going into Overview and then swiping the portfolio card left or right. Then click on the portfolio you want to view.

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