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How are the numbers in my portfolio calculated?
How are the numbers in my portfolio calculated?
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Individual Assets


The unit price of the asset is displayed in your primary fiat currency. In the case of non-cryptocurrency assets, the price is also displayed in the native currency of the exchange the asset is listed on as well as the primary fiat currency if it is different to the native currency.

For cryptocurrencies, both the price and market value are determined by the source of the price selected which can be changed by following the guide here. The price is taken directly from the exchange selected and converted to your portfolio's view currency using the following steps:

  1. Price is taken directly from the exchange. Let's take an example here of Ethereum (ETH) with Binance as the exchange and ETH/BTC as the source pair.

  2. This price in ETH is converted to USD using the BTC/USD global average rate in Delta.

  3. USD is converted to your view currency (your local fiat currency) using the appropriate forex rates or to BTC and ETH using their respective global average prices in Delta.

Market Value:

Price x Amount

Absolute Asset Profit/Loss:

Absolute profit/loss is the sum of unrealized and realized gains in the time frame chosen.

Current Market Value - Market Value X time ago + Sum of proceeds from transactions in X time - Sum of costs from transactions in X time

where X depends on time frame chosen

Percentage Asset Profit/Loss:

Only the unrealized portion of profit/loss can be represented as a relative value. Thus, the percentage profit/loss simply represents the change in the unit price of the asset in the time frame chosen.

(Unit Price Now - Unit Price X time ago) x 100 / (Unit Price X time ago)

Note: When the time frame chosen is "ALL", we obviously cannot use this method to show a percentage change in price. So we use the following formula to represent your all-time ROI:

(Absolute Asset Profit/Loss) x 100 / (Sum of the cost basis of all transactions)

Total Portfolio

Portfolio Value:

This is simply the sum of the market value of all underlying assets.

Absolute Portfolio Profit/Loss:

This is simply the sum of the absolute profit/loss of individual underlying assets.

Percentage Portfolio Profit/Loss:

(Portfolio Absolute Profit/Loss x 100) / ABS(Portfolio Value - Portfolio Absolute Profit/Loss)

Troubleshooting & FAQ

My total portfolio balance is lower than the sum of all my holdings

This is likely caused by some assets having negative balances which have been hidden. You can fix these balances or you can unhide these assets by checking the settings here.

My balance or profit and loss is wrong

If you think some of the data is wrong, please check through your transaction history to ensure that what you have entered is accurate. Delta will only calculate balances and profit based on the information that has been entered. If you cannot see anything wrong in the transaction history, and the outcome is still different using the calculations above, please write to us at

I want to see the balance and profit in the currency of my choice

You can choose two currencies from Settings, to see your portfolio values in. Tapping the total portfolio balance switches between these two currencies; additionally, crypto portfolios also display values in BTC and ETH.

Where can I see my realized and unrealized gains?

Realized and unrealized gains are only available to Delta PRO members. These can be seen in the individual asset's page or in Portfolio Insights in the Advanced Metrics module.

Realized / Unrealized gains are calculated using the adjusted cost basis (ACB) method at the moment. Other methods of calculations (FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, etc.) might become available in the future but we cannot provide a timeline.

You can learn how to buy PRO here.

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