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Intro to the Markets Screen
Intro to the Markets Screen

The new enhanced Markets screen

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Markets At A Glance

We've rebuilt the markets page from the ground up to give you an instant overview of the complete financial markets! We achieved this by taking on board our user's feedback and what professionals want all while being able to bring it to you in a beautiful and simple way.

At a glance, you can see your portfolio's performance along with major indices (like the S&P 500, the Dow, etc.), most active assets, top gainers, and top losers on the "Overview" tab. You can read more about these below. Additionally, there are dedicated tabs for every asset type. Each of these can be filtered by your region of interest!

Click here to navigate to the Markets Screen!

Only interested in Crypto?

No worries, we got you! Head over to Settings (from the sidebar which can be accessed using the hamburger menu on the top left) -> General -> (or click here) and set your Default Landing Page to "Crypto". Now when you open the Markets page, the Crypto tab is shown by default. You can set the default landing page to any asset type if you are more interested in that asset!

Only interested in assets you follow?

We got you covered here as well! Simply turn on the toggle for "Only show followed assets" and all the sections below it will only include assets you follow.

Asset Type

At the top, you can select from the main overview or any asset type. The overview, as shown in the screenshot above, will give you a quick overview of your portfolio and the markets. By clicking on an asset type, you get more details about the market for that asset class.

Portfolio Overview

You can see your portfolio, its value, its current-day gain, and all-time gain at the top of this page. You can swipe left/right to scroll through your different portfolios. You can hide the values with the eye symbol to the right of the portfolio value.


You can see the top world indices here, or filter by region to see how the markets are doing today.

Most Active

Assets with the highest volume in the last 24 hours.

Top Gainers & Top Losers

Assets with the highest or lowest intraday % change in price, respectively. Cryptocurrencies with a market cap rank greater than 25 (lower market caps) and other assets with a market cap of less than 2 billion USD are excluded from this list.

PRO TIP: You can change the currency of the portfolio overview by changing the Local Fiat Currency in Settings (Settings -> General).

PRO TIP 2: Swipe through the portfolios and click on the portfolio you want to view, and it will bring you directly to the portfolio page.

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