With the change from Delta Crypto to Delta Investment Tracker we have refreshed our Navigation to make finding assets easier and the whole experience faster!

The main navigation bar in the bottom is home to (from the left):

  • Markets (overview of the financial markets at a glance)

  • Following (list of assets you follow)

  • Portfolio (your portfolios with advanced analytics)

  • News & Direct (curated news tailored to you!)

  • Notifications (home for all your Delta notifications)

There is now a search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner of every page that allows you to quickly search for an asset from anywhere in the app! You can also follow the asset by tapping on the 'star' icon.

New Sidebar

The new sidebar now hosts the buttons for 'Live Crypto Prices', 'Portfolio Analytics' and Settings which are not required very often. The option to hide your balances is also available with a single touch through the sidebar!

Delta Investment Tracker navigation
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