Automatic Dividend Transactions

Delta Investment Tracker can now automatically add dividends for stocks and funds you hold if you so choose. The dividends will be included in the profit & loss of the asset and also be automatically added to your available cash balance.

You can turn Automatic dividends ON or OFF on a per-portfolio basis by going to Settings in Delta -> Calculations -> Auto-Calculate Dividends.

Dividend transactions are automatically added based on your holdings at the time of the Dividend exDate. These will auto-update if you add, delete or update transactions.

If auto-calculate is ON:

  • Dividend transactions are added based on holdings at the time of exDate

  • New dividends will be added in the future

  • Dividends are re-calculated if you add past transactions i.e. if you add a transaction at time X, all dividends after time X will be recalculated.

  • These auto-dividend transactions are not editable and cannot be deleted.

  • If you switch from OFF to ON: all the dividends are added, new ones in future will be added and continue to recalculate on new transactions.

If auto-calculate is OFF:

  • Automatic Dividends are not added

  • If you switch from ON to OFF: all auto-calculated dividends are removed and new ones will NOT be added or recalculated.

In short, only two states (ON and OFF) can exist. ON means handing over full control to Delta Investment Tracker to calculate and add dividends and OFF means taking complete manual control.

Profit/loss Calculation

For a Stock or Funds, the profit / loss calculation includes the dividends (both automatic or manual):

Total profit/loss = Realized profit + Unrealized profit + Dividends

Manual Dividend Transactions

You can always add manual dividend transactions by going to an asset's transaction page or searching for an asset then adding a manual "Dividend" type transaction.

Add to available cash:

If this toggle is ON, the dividend amount is added to your Available Cash balance.

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