Flagging NFTs
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As Non-Fungible Token (NFT) data is pulled from the blockchain, due to the permission-less nature of the blockchain, sometimes some inappropriate content can slip through.

Lucky with Delta it's very easy the flag this content for review with just a few taps!

Flagging an NFT

Tap on the asset you feel is inappropriate to appear on the Delta app and press the 'Three dots' in the top right side of the screen to bring up the More Options slider.

Press 'Flag Inappropriate Content' which will bring up a confirmation box, double-checking you want to flag the asset.

Once the asset is flagged it will no longer appear in your NFT explorer and it will be sent across to the moderation team to review the collection.

Unflagging an NFT

If you accidentally flag an NFT and want to un-flag it simply long press on the asset which will bring it back into view.

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