A short guide explaining how you can connect Cex.io to Delta and start pulling your historical transactions and keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and give you accurate profit / loss as you continue trading.

  1. Visit Cex.io & click on ‘Profile’ on the top right navigation menu that appears when you hover your name. Then select ‘API’ on the menu below ‘Account Settings’.

  2. Go to Cex.io API Access

  3. Leave the IP Address Filter field blank, and check ‘Account balance’ and ‘Open orders‘ as Permissions. Then click on ‘Generate Key’

  4. Copy over your ‘User ID’, the ‘Key’ and the ‘Secret’, and click on ‘Activate’. If you enabled your 2 factor authentication, you'll be prompted to authenticate yourself. Next, you'll receive an e-mail from CEX.IO with a verification link. Click on the link in order to activate the API Key.

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