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Staying safe and be wary of scams
Staying safe and be wary of scams

Can I withdraw funds from Delta?

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Delta Investment Tracker is an incredible tool for investors to manage and track their investments, from crypto and stocks to forex currencies and even NFTs. However, with the growing popularity of Delta, we have become aware of scams where fraudsters claim they have deposited funds to Delta and request that users pay them a fee to release these funds.

To protect you, we want to underscore some key information about how Delta works to help you identify and avoid these scams.

Can I withdraw money from Delta?

Firstly, it's crucial to understand that Delta is not a wallet or an exchange. It does not have the capability to store, buy, trade, receive or send any form of asset. You cannot deposit or withdraw any funds from the app. Delta is an investment portfolio tracker tool; its primary function is to help you keep track of trades and investments made elsewhere.

It is not possible to connect your credit, debit, Visa or Mastercards to Delta; all subscriptions are handled by the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Scammers' Tactics and How to Recognise Them

Scammers may pose as someone from Delta and claim they have funds deposited in your name. They may request that you pay a fee or provide personal information to 'release' these funds.

They may try and convince you you have funds by 'connecting' you to a portfolio that looks like it contains funds.

Only you should create, edit or name portfolios; they are not set-up or named for you.

Remember, since Delta is not a wallet or an exchange, we do not handle funds of any kind.

All subscriptions for Delta PRO are handled by their respective app stores, or for legacy/lifetime members, Stripe.

Nobody from Delta will ever ask you for your sensitive data, API keys with any permissions higher than Read-only or ever request cryptocurrency or money from you. Be wary of unsolicited communications demanding fees, and never disclose sensitive information like passwords or bank details.

All contact from Delta will only come from email addresses from our domain (for example

If you have an open support ticket from us, these emails will originate from

To sum up,

We will never ask you for Cryptocurrency.

We will never ask you for fees to 'release' an amount of money or for 'taxes'.

It is impossible to deposit or withdraw funds from Delta.

We will only contact you via an email from our domain, for support tickets or via the official support Discord / Telegram.

We will never DM you first.

We will never contact you using a @Gmail address.

If in doubt; check with the team at first!

If You Encounter a Scam

If you encounter someone trying to scam you or even if something about it doesn't feel right, do not engage with them. Report the incident to us immediately at It would be helpful if you could provide details about the incident, such as the how they got in touch, the fraudster's contact information, and the message content, which can aid us in our investigation and help us prevent similar scams.

Need Assistance? We're Here to Help!

Should you have any doubts, queries, or require further assistance, our support team is eager to help. Simply drop us a line at

Stay safe, informed, and happy tracking with Delta!

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