Imported the wrong asset ?

If Delta imported the wrong asset, for example DOT, SOL and so forth, read on.

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Did we either not find the asset at all when importing, or did it import the wrong asset ?

Since crypto assets have a tendency to frequently re-use short codes, examples SOL, DOT and so forth we need a way to distinguish these assets. The way we do this is by also adding the name just like we display it in Delta inside brackets. So to get the "correct" SOL or DOT imported you need to input these in the CSV as "SOL (Solana)" or "DOT (Polkadot)".

This also include the exports from external sources like CoinTracking, Yahoo Finance etc.
For example CoinTracking will export Solana with the short code SOL2, these needs to be mass-edited by you the user before you can import it to Delta. So we recommend you open the CSV in a text editor, Excel or a similar opensource alternative, and perform a "find and replace", search for SOL2 and replace with SOL (Solana) and hit "replace all", and after saving it should now be ready to import.

Using the CoinTracking format as an example, see the screenshot below of how the change should look.

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