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How do I permanently delete my Delta account?
How do I permanently delete my Delta account?

If you want to delete your Delta account, read on.

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If you want us to remove all associated data related to your Delta account, you can contact our support team to request this. When reaching out, please provide your device identifier from the Delta app. You can find your Device Identifier via Settings / Support and then all the way at the bottom of the screen. You'll also be able to contact us right from that screen.

What about my eToro account?

If you're using Delta being signed in through an eToro account, please supply that email address as well when reaching out to our support. With regards to the account deletion process on eToro, please visit this link for instructions.

​(!) Please note that permanently deleting your Delta account is irreversible. Once all transactions and all other data points related to your account are deleted, it is not possible and never will be possible to get these back.

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