Setting up Binance Exchange Account Connection:

  1. Exchange connections are tied to individual portfolios. So if you are a PRO user, enter the portfolio you want to connect to an exchange.
  2. Tap the white circle with the 'plus' sign and select "Connect Exchange Account" on the next page, then choose Binance.
  3. Visit Binance, login, click the profile icon & click on 'Account' in the dropdown.
  4. Look for 'API Setting' and click this.
  5. Choose a label name & create a new API key via 'Create New Key'.
  6. Copy and paste the API Key and Secret (or use QR code) into Delta.
  7. In Binance, press 'Edit' on the top right of the key you just creted. And now disable the 'Enable Trading' checkbox. Click 'Save' after you've done this.
  8. Head over to Delta again.
  9. Import withdrawals / deposits: Turning this option on will import fiat and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals made to and from that exchange. Please note that by enabling this option, balances will be impacted as holdings will either be decreased or increased since we don't know where the funds are being sent to or from.
  10. Import past transactions: If you turn this option on, Delta will import your trade history. Please be aware that importing past transactions might heavily influence your current portfolio balances. Funds that are being used need to be accounted for. If you actually did the groundwork of adding all past trades manually & don’t want to mess with it then leave the option off. Basically this means that we’ll only start importing trades that happen from that point onward. Also be aware that Binance does not allow us to go back to the time of your first trade on that exchange. Binance limits the import to the last 90 days only.
  11. Remove existing transactions: If you turn on 'Import past transactions', you will also have this option. This will basically delete all manually entered transactions of the last 90 days that had Binance as the exchange. The removed transactions will be restored if and when you delete the connection.
  12. Once you've selected the right options, tap on "Add Connection".

Important Things to Note:

  1. Delta will not import transactions for coins with 0 balances and 0 withdrawals and 0 deposits for Binance. (For example, if you bought a coin XYZ and sold it completely on Binance and never deposited or withdrew XYZ then the app will not import any XYZ trades).
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