We provide many ways in which you can personalize Delta and will continue adding such options. Here's an overview of the many ways to customize Delta:


You can choose language of the app between English, French, Spanish, Russian and more! We'll add support for more languages down the line.

View Options

Minimized Layout

If you would rather see more coins from your portfolio, there is a minimized layout available in our view options.

Increased font size on cards

Want a larger font size for the overall portfolio page? You can use this option!


Finding the regular 'day' mode a little too bright? We have a slick dark mode or a PRO exclusive night mode for you :)

Colored coin icons

We now support many coin icons and you have the option to keep them black & white or switch to colored icons.

Coin View

You have two options (card or list) for the arrangement of coins in your portfolio / watchlist.

Other Options

Default Landing

Set the default landing page when you open the app or the watchlist tab.

Hide 0 holdings

Sold everything you had in a coin and have 0 holdings in it? You can hide such coins from your portfolio view by turning on this option.

Hide small holdings

Have a lot of dust / coins with very small holdings? Turn on this option to hide coins that account for less than 0.2% of your portfolio.

Notification Preferences

We have many kinds of notifications including end of day updates, significant change updates and other updates which you can now turn on / off as per your preferences. Note that personal price alerts are not impacted by these settings. Significant change coin notifications can also be controlled on a "per-coin" basis through the alerts tab of each coin.

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