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What are the main features of Delta Investment Tracker?
What are the main features of Delta Investment Tracker?
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Some of the many great features Delta has to offer: 

∆ PORTFOLIO AT A GLANCE - A clear overview of your total portfolio balance, profit & loss during various time periods. See your cryptocurrency, stocks, ETFs, NFT investments, and more all in one place! Also, keep an eye on trends in not only your local currency but in ANY fiat and cryptocurrency.

∆ DETAILED COIN ANALYSIS - See the current price, chart, market cap, volume, high, low, order book, depth chart, your holdings, your profit/loss, project website, whitepaper, and more for each asset in your portfolio.

∆ WATCHLIST & MARKETS - A full CoinMarketCap style list of cryptocurrencies along with global market data for these coins. You can also keep an eye on a vast array of stocks, ETFs, NFTs, and more all within Delta and this list is growing daily! Add these assets to your watchlist if you just want to keep track of your next investment.

∆ MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS - You can now also easily manage multiple separate portfolios completely separate from each other.

∆ PORTFOLIO ANALYTICS - A complete analytics dashboard giving you valuable insights into your portfolio(s) such as the location of your coins, fees breakdown, most used exchanges, and more.

∆ DELTA DIRECT - A direct line for asset teams to connect with you and other investors. Real news, directly from the source.

∆ EXCHANGE, WALLET & BROKER CONNECTIONS - Sync your portfolio automatically by connecting with a variety of exchanges and linking your ETH, BTC, LTC, NEO, and other wallet addresses to automatically import transactions! You can also connect directly to your broker to import your stock/ETF transactions and balances.

∆ SYNC & BACK-UP DATA ACROSS DEVICES - Transfer or sync your data between devices easily without accounts! Easily back up your data using our recovery QR code. If accounts are your thing, you can easily connect via your eToro account as a way to restore access to your portfolio.

∆ PRICE ALERTS - Set up personal notifications for each asset. Get daily alerts and notifications when there are significant changes to an asset's price or your portfolio’s value.

∆ HUGE ARRAY OF ASSETS - Track thousands of cryptocurrencies, stocks/ETFs listed on many major exchanges, NFTs, and more all within Delta. This list of supported assets is growing daily!

∆ CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT - Delta is constantly being improved and we have lots of extra features planned for the next coming weeks & months. Please stay tuned!

PRO TIP: There are many more features you can get access to if you go PRO! You can learn more about PRO here.

PRO TIP 2: You can read about Delta on our website -

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