Delta PRO is a yearly subscription (life-time available via desktop app) which packages extra empowering features on top of what Delta already offers. Here's what Delta PRO users get at this moment:

Advanced Metrics

Advanced metrics offer much deeper insights into your portfolio, displaying realized & unrealized gains, unit and total cost basis and more for each coin!

Live Prices

Real-time prices so you don't need to pull down to refresh anymore!

Sync up to 5 devices

Delta PRO users can keep up to five devices completely in sync and the PRO will carry over as well. 😎

Unlimited connections to exchanges, wallets and brokers

PRO users can have an unlimited number of connections to exchanges, wallets and broker connections. Free users are limited to a total of 2 connections.

Portfolio Analytics

Get access to all portfolio analytics modules and gain valuable insights into your portfolios. New PRO exclusive modules will keep getting added.

Exclusive Monochrome Mode

Want to make your Delta extra sleek? We have the Monochrome mode for you!

Early access

Get access to new additions to the app first. This can be a new exchange API / wallet connection, new portfolio analytics modules or completely new upcoming features.

We will continue to add value to PRO with future updates :) Check here to see how you can subscribe to PRO.

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