Portfolio Insights really dive deep into your portfolio and demonstrate what Delta can do for you in terms of analytical insights.

Portfolio Insights are available for cryptocurrency portfolios only at the moment. They will be added soon for stocks and other asset types!

For the steps on how to access Portfolio Insights, click HERE

Each module has an info icon once you open it in the top right which explains the feature. You'll also find some explanations for each module below.


The portfolio history graph displays the portfolio total balance over time during the selected time period and your low and high balances. The "balance change" is purely the change in portfolio total in the time frame and not the profit/loss calculation. You can scrub (hold and drag) over the graph to see the balance at any point in time.

Coin Split

This is a donut chart showing the diversity of your current holdings (per asset type or per cryptocurrency, stock, etc.). You can tap on any sector of the donut/pie to see further details.

Coin Source

This donut chart shows where your cryptocurrencies originated from (as purchases, ICO, mining, airdrops, forks, etc.) during the time period selected. Correctly entering the transaction data into Delta is required for an accurate chart.

Good / Bad Decisions (PRO)

This is a fairly simple implementation to judge "Good" or "Bad" decisions. In short, for every holding in your portfolio, it looks at only the last buy or sell transaction that you've entered. Then for each of those, there are 4 potential options:

  1. Bought and the price went up (+ potentially winning the opportunity cost as well) -> Good

  2. Sold and the price went down -> Good

  3. Bought and the price went down (+ potentially losing the opportunity cost as well) -> Bad

  4. Sold and the price went up -> Bad

opportunity costs: are the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

Market Performance (PRO)

If you want to see how your portfolio is performing against standard indices or markers, you can check out this module! Right now you can compare your crypto portfolio with the Global Market Cap as well as Bitcoin. In the future, we will add more options for cryptocurrencies as well as stocks and indices.

Most Used Exchanges

The charts represent exchanges on which you executed the most trades, ordered by the number of trades and grouped by transaction type (Buy or Sell), during the selected time period.

Coin Location (PRO)

The chart shows where your holdings are located (which exchanges or wallets). Note: It is important that your transactions (especially transfers, withdrawals and deposits) are accurately entered in Delta. Without accurate transaction information, we cannot know the location of the coins. If these are missing, Delta tries to make the best guess by taking the previously used exchange.

Fees Breakdown (PRO)

This module has two stacked bar charts. One displays the amount of fees paid grouped by the currency of the fee and the second displays the amount of fees paid grouped by the location (platform or exchange where the fee was paid).

PRO TIP: Portfolio Insights will show information per portfolio, and not bundled into one big portfolio. To select which portfolio you want to analyze, click on the dropdown below Current Balance at the top.

PRO TIP 2: We plan to add support for portfolios with other asset classes than cryptocurrencies in the future but there is no ETA on this at this time.

PRO TIP 3: We have not updated Portfolio Insights in a while but we plan to improve it and give it a much-needed makeover. There is no ETA on this at this time.

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