If you not only want to copy all the existing data from one device to the other but you also want changes on either device to be reflected on the other, then the sync option is perfect for you!

Users of the free app can sync two devices while our PRO subscribers can sync up to 5 devices. All 5 devices will have the PRO features. The process to do this is very simple:

  1. On the device with your data (Device A), go into Settings -> Devices & Data -> Sync data -> Sync from this device -> I see a QR code on the other device. This will open the camera to scan a QR code.

  2. Install Delta on your other device(s) (Device B) and go into its Settings -> Devices & Data -> Sync data -> Sync to this device. This will display a QR code that is valid for only 10 minutes.

  3. After you scan the QR code, the app will ask for your confirmation. Any data already on the Delta app on the new device (Device B) will be overwritten by Device A's data! There is NO turning back after the sync and you won't be able to access old data that was on Device B anymore.

PRO TIP: It is necessary that device A (the sync "from device") has at least one transaction. This is a safety measure to prevent users from accidentally syncing an empty device onto a device with actual data.

PRO TIP 2: Make sure that you have chosen the correct direction on each device (whether syncing from/to a device) to ensure that you are not overwriting the wrong device and losing your data.

PRO TIP 3: The sync process is syncing two devices together, it is NOT merging two portfolios together.

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