You can always recover your data in case of a lost or broken device with Delta's backup and restore feature. You can generate and save a recovery QR code that acts like a key to your data.

To generate a recovery code:

  1. On the device with your data, go into Settings -> Devices & Data -> Generate recovery code. This will create a dynamic recovery QR code, which does not expire.

  2. Take a screenshot of this code and store it somewhere safe.

  3. Note that this will make a previously saved code invalid and unusable.

Note: This is NOT a snapshot of your data. The 'back-up' code created is dynamic i.e. it will always restore to the last known state. Think of it like a key to your data. Therefore you cannot, for example, delete some transactions and then recover them from a code.

To restore from recover code:

  1. Go into Settings -> Devices & Data -> Restore from recovery code.

  2. Scan the recovery code using the camera and confirm.

Be aware that all the data from the device that you generated the backup code with (and all devices synced to this device) will be deleted. You will be able to sync to these devices again in the future if needed by following this guide here. However, if you already have access to these devices, you can sync to them again using the guide linked above, and you can skip using this recovery method.

PRO TIP: You will not be able to screenshot the recovery code if you have a passcode enabled on the app for security reasons. You can remove the passcode, take the screenshot and re-add the passcode. To do this, go into Settings -> Security.

PRO TIP 2: If you have signed into your Delta account with eToro before losing access to your portfolio, you can log back into this account and your portfolio will be restored. You can learn more about this here.

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