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How can I unsync a device from my portfolio?
How can I unsync a device from my portfolio?

How to remove a synced device

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  1. Open Delta on any mobile device connected to your portfolio

  2. Go into Settings (or click here to open Settings)

  3. Tap Devices & Data

  4. Sync Data

  5. Remove a device, and then tap on the device you would like to remove and confirm your choice.

Note that all data will be removed from the device chosen once you confirm.

PRO TIP: If you have removed the wrong device, you can sync the device again by following the steps here.

PRO TIP 2: You can sort through the devices by checking the device name (device make & model/app version).

PRO TIP 3: If you select to remove the device you are currently using, your app will restart and you will be presented with a new, empty portfolio.

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