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I get an error when adding a transaction
I get an error when adding a transaction

I get an error when I add a transaction or 'undefined'

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Getting an error screen?
Sometimes this might occur because the coin list is not in-sync with our servers. To re-sync the coin list, simply search and add any coin to the Watchlist.

Not getting any errors but the coin is not visible after adding the transaction?
You might have the "Hide small holdings" option enabled which can hide coins that have very small holdings (less than 0.2% of your total portfolio value). Try disabling the option under Settings -> View options (or click here).

If either solution does not work for you please contact us at and mention your issue and that you've tried both the above solutions.

PRO TIP: If you come across the Houston error, please click on the refresh button and try again. It would also be worth checking your internet connection and ensuring that you have no VPN/firewall settings that would block your connection to the internet/our servers.

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