We support BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, NANO, XRP, EOS and many other wallet connections. We are constantly adding support for more. You can request addition of more wallet connections at https://ask.delta.app/wallet-connection-requests.

Every user can connect up to two different wallet addresses. If you want unlimited connections, then you can very easily do this by becoming PRO. 😎

Setting up Wallet Connections:

  1. Wallet connections are tied to individual portfolios (just like Exchange Connections). So, enter the portfolio you want to connect to an exchange.
  2. Tap the white circle with the 'plus' sign and select "Connect Wallet" on the next page.
  3. Choose which coin's wallet address you would like to connect.
  4. Once you choose a wallet you will need to fill out the form correctly. Enter your public wallet address! For Ledger or Trezor, enter your xpub address. We support xpub, ypub, zpub, Ltub & Mtub addresses for BTC & LTC and xpub for DASH and DOGE.
  5. Import past transactions: If you turn this option on, Delta will not only import transactions that happen from now on, but also your transaction history.
  6. Notify me of future transactions (PRO only): If you turn this on, Delta will notify you when assets are withdrawn from or deposited to this wallet address.
  7. Once the details have been filled tap on "Add Connection".

Important Things to Note:

  • Wallets with more than 10,000 past transactions will be rejected due to high volume of trades.
  • The toggle for 'Import past transactions' can only be turned on when adding a connection. Once a connection is added, it cannot be changed.
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