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Tracking your NFTs in Delta
Tracking your NFTs in Delta

Getting started with tracking your owned NFTs through Wallet Connections

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With our new NFT feature keeping track of and viewing your NFT portfolio has never been easier.

We currently support NFTs on Ethereum, to request NFTs on other chains or from other marketplace sources add your request to

NFT Source Requests | Delta - Make sure to include the contract address and an OpenSea or other supported marketplace link.

How to add NFTs to Delta via a Wallet Connection

NFTs are currently added to Delta via Ethereum Wallet connections, MetaMask connection, eToro Wallet connection or Wallet Connect and should be imported automatically, for assistance on adding an Ethereum Wallet connection head to How Can I connect a Wallet address to Delta.

Options on wallet connection import

On adding the Ethereum Wallet connection there will be an ‘Import NFTs’ toggle which should be set to ‘on’ to import NFTs for that wallet address.

There is the option to import all previous transactions for that address which will look to import the transaction history for the wallet.

With your NFTs added through the Wallet Connection, you will have a new asset type in your portfolio titled ‘NFTs’ - tapping on this will bring you to the new NFT explorer section of Delta. Selecting different timeframes will show the relative value change in each selected time period.

How to add NFTs to Delta via a Manual Transaction

To add an NFT by a manual transaction press the '+' in the bottom right side of the screen to bring up the transaction add screen.

Press 'Add Manual Transaction' followed by tapping 'NFT' which will bring up the NFT search screen. Search for your purchased NFT by typing it's name into the box, you can further refine your search by including your tokenID to make finding your NFT easier.

This will open up the transaction editor screen where you can include information such as which marketplace you purchased your NFT on, its buy price (in ETH), any transaction fees for the purchase, and any notes.

You are also able to toggle the 'Deduct from ETH available cash' - if this is selected it will deduct the ETH value from your current ETH holdings, saving you time on adding another transaction and keeping your balances accurate.

Tapping on each NFT you will be able to drill down into the historical value for the floor price of that NFT collection, the Collection address, details and traits, and metadata for that particular NFT.

Please note we only currently support transaction and NFT data from the OpenSea marketplace and API.

See something that shouldn't be on Delta? Head to Flagging an NFT for steps on how to flag it to the team and hide it from view.

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