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What do all the numbers in the Transactions tab mean?
What do all the numbers in the Transactions tab mean?

Transactions tab explained.

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Basic Metrics


Number of units of the asset owned in that portfolio

Market Value:

Amount of asset owned x Current Price

For cryptocurrencies, the price and thus the market value is determined by the source of the price selected which can be changed by following this guide here. The price is taken directly from the exchange selected and converted to your local fiat currency using the following steps:

  1. Price is taken directly from the exchange. Let's take an example here of Ethereum (ETH) with Binance as the exchange and ETH/BTC as the source pair.

  2. This price in ETH is converted to USD using the BTC/USD global average rate in Delta.

  3. USD is converted to your local fiat currency using the appropriate Forex rates or to BTC and ETH using their respective global average prices in Delta.

You can tap the Market Value to toggle the currency between your local fiat currency and the quote currency of the pair selected. In the above example, you can toggle the Basic Metrics between your local fiat currency and BTC.

Total Profit:

Total Profit/Loss is the sum of all unrealized gains and realized gains. Simply put it is equal to:

Market Value + Sum of all proceeds (from sells) + Dividends (for stocks/ETFs) - Sum of all costs (from purchases)

Sum of Cost (for stocks/ETFs):

Total of the Cost in all buy transactions (incl. fee)

Total Fees (for stocks/ETFs):

Total of all fees for buying/selling this asset

Dividends (for stocks/ETFs):

Total dividends received from holding this asset

Advanced Metrics

Click here for more details on the metrics here and what they mean.

Transactions Metrics

Avg. Buy Price / Sell Price:

This is the weighted average of all the buy prices or sell prices. For example, if you have two Buy transactions, one for $1,000 and the other for $2,000 with amounts of 5 and 10 respectively, the average buy price would be $1,666:

(5 x 1000 + 2000 x 10) / 15

# Transactions:

This is simply the total number of transactions for this asset in this particular portfolio. This includes buys, sells, and transfer transactions.

Metrics of Each Transaction

Buy Price / Sell Price

Price is taken directly as entered by you when adding the transaction or as imported from an exchange API. If the price is in BTC or ETH, it is converted to USD (or your local fiat) using the global average rate of BTC or ETH.

Amount Bought:

This is simply the net amount bought (after fees). For example, if an order to buy 1 ETH is executed and has 0.01 ETH as a fee, then the amount bought shows 0.99 ETH.

Cost (incl. fee) / Proceeds (after fees):

This is the total cost of the transaction including fees in case of a buy transaction and the total proceeds (value of the sold amount) after deducting fees.


Worth = Amount bought in that transaction x Current Price


Delta = (Worth - Cost) x 100 / Cost

PRO TIP: If you think some of the data is wrong, please check through your transaction history to ensure that what you have entered is accurate. Delta will only do as it is told based on the information that has been entered. If you cannot see anything wrong in the transaction history, and the outcome is still different using the calculations above, please write to us at

PRO TIP 2: The value for the asset and its calculations shown above will be shown in the currency's default value (the pricing source for crypto, USD for US-listed stocks, GBP for UK-listed funds, etc).

PRO TIP 3: If your "Total Profit" is showing "-" This is most likely due to an old transaction with missing data from an old exchange/pair. We recommend searching and updating the transactions. To find the transaction in error look for any BUY transactions without a "Delta" Once you have located the faulty transaction please do update it with an exchange/pairing of a higher volume or Delta Global Average.

PRO TIP 4: If you edit a transaction and change the toggle of "Deduct from holdings" please wait around 5 minutes for the cache to update to see the changes, it can at first look like it is in error.

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