Available Cash is an entirely optional system that allows you to keep track of the fiat/cash balances that are located on certain exchanges, brokerages or even bank accounts. We have consciously made the decision to separate all fiat balances that are not regularly used as investments but only as "available cash" on exchanges or brokerages to invest at some point.

Available Cash does not affect your portfolio total balance, nor does it affect your profit/loss. We will implement an option in the near future where, you can choose to include your cash balances in your portfolio total. Available Cash appears separately in your portfolio at the bottom of the asset list.

When adding transactions for assets that are bought with cash, the option ‘Deduct from Available Cash’ comes into play to also keep track of the movements of these cash balances. Likewise but reversed for sell transactions.

In the future, this system will also be used for keeping track of dividends, which are by nature deposited into your brokerage cash holdings.

Available cash system in Delta Investment Tracker

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