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A guide to Broker Account Connections
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Broker Account Connections are a fantastic way to keep your portfolio up-to-date automatically, we have released access to around 1600+ Broker Account Connections you can search for and connect to.

Please note that the Broker Account Connections vary in capabilities based on each broker or bank.

Depending on this, you will be presented the option to import balances only or import transactions.

Brokers do not always expose your complete transaction history via the connections. Certain transactions like margin trades, conversions, wire transfers may not be reported. These can be added manually after. (You will see limitations for the broker when you select it see image below)

Delta tries its best to import all transactions exposed via the connections, but it is likely that due to the limitations your balances might not match to what is reported on the broker. This can affect your portfolio time-frame metrics. (See PRO TIP 2 at bottom of article)

Broker connections will also very on time between syncing, most will be once every 24 hours.


1. Press the plus sign "+" in the portfolio and choose "Connect Broker Account" (or click here to add a broker connection)

2. The search screen will show up (NOTE: please make sure your font is set to default as the search bar may not show)

You will be presented with the FYI for limitations, some connections will only pull trading data up to 90 days. After that it will import the balance of assets at the price they are when it syncs. For best results, you can always complete your history manually. You can read more on setting up your portfolio HERE

3. You will then be presented to add in your login information (Yodlee portal in example) Yodlee's Terms of Use
You still log in with your brokers login, you do NOT need to create a Yodlee account.

4. You will be prompted with which assets to import that we have matched with those that we support. If there are assets it has not matched you can choose which assets to match them to that we support.

If we do not support that asset they will not be able to be added for now. You will be able to request the data source they trade on HERE

5A. An example of the matching screen

5B. An example of the matching search screen.

6. Choose which import option, if you have already set up your history (See PRO TIP below) then choose "Import new transactions only" or "since date". However, If you are not interested in having access to the analytics or Profit/Loss information you can select "Import balances only".

PRO TIP: Make sure the font is set to default having a different font can sometimes cause the search bar to disappear.

PRO TIP 2: It is good to manually add your trading history to within 90 days of history or current day, then adding the Broker Account Connections to continue the transaction history importing automatically. Otherwise any assets prior to 90 days, their balance will be downloaded and the prices paid for the assets will be recorded as the price at time of sync. This will affect your time-frame profit due to the lack of accurate information. You can also choose the "Balance Only" option when importing if you do not want the full history, this will also cause metrics to not work properly ass there is no data for the metrics to calculate properly.

PRO TIP 3: If it does not sync the first time correctly, wait a day until you can sync again, then if it fails on the second time, please contact support (see below)

PRO TIP 4: Via the connection edit screen (Settings in Delta -> Connections (or click here to open the connections screen) -> Choose Connection), you can also match (new) assets after the import.

We do not have direct links with all of our Broker Account Connections and use third party providers such as Yodlee, if you encounter some issues please contact our support via our email or heading to Settings in Delta -> Support (or click here to open Support) -> Contact Support and providing as much information as you can to describe the issue.

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