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Connecting to Delta with your eToro Broker Account Connection

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Looking to import your eToro assets? By simply adding an eToro broker account connection, all your assets are synced in a breeze. New transactions will also be added automatically - like with any other broker connection.

If you are experiencing issues with the import, or if the import is not reflecting your portfolio, please scroll down past the "how to" for more information.

The eToro connection does not count towards the two-connection limit in the FREE version of Delta.

Most of our broker connections are currently only able to fetch history going back 90 days, and you need to input history manually before that. With eToro, you get up to 12 months! We are working with eToro to expand this to total history.

Before connecting to eToro, there are some things to be aware of.

Unsupported Assets: We support nearly 97% of the assets of eToro on Delta. That does mean that some assets we won’t be able to match. We’ll soon add support for commodities.

Price Differences: Small price differences between eToro & Delta of certain assets may occur as Delta only supports underlying asset prices.

Leverage Trading & Shorting: Delta doesn’t support leveraged trades or shorts. We will process these trades as regular trades with adjusted profit/loss calculations.

CopyTraderTM & Smart Portfolios: While we do support CopyTradingTM & Smart Portfolios, Delta will import the individual transactions of these instead of treating them as one asset.


1. Press the plus sign "+" in the portfolio and choose "Connect eToro"

2. You will need to read and then press "I Understand" to continue the flow. For best results, you can always complete your history manually. You can read more on setting up your portfolio HERE

3. Press "Log in with eToro"

4. Follow the eToro prompts

5. Press "Open Delta"

6. You are now at the import screen, choose the default if you have not already added your eToro history. If you have already then choose since date or new. If you just want the balance you can also choose that option

If you find yourself stuck or having any issues, please head to Settings in Delta - Support - Contact Support and give us as much detail as possible.

PRO TIP: Make sure the font is set to default having a different font can sometimes cause the search bar to disappear.

PRO TIP 2: eToro can pull transactions up to 12 months old; anything set before then cannot be retrieved yet and will need to be added manually.

PRO TIP 3: Choosing "Balance Only" will create buy transactions for the amount of your holdings for that day's date and price, so metrics will not be correct.

PRO TIP 4: We do not have manual matching for eToro Broker Connection that you might notice with other broker connections. We will work towards supporting everything on eToro, so this will not be needed.

PRO TIP 5: If you notice a withdrawal/deposit notification on your eToro Broker Connection yet you did not trade it could be that it is an "Overnight Fee" You can read more about it HERE and check it on your statement HERE. Overnight Fee is also mentioned under the "Update" button in the eToro app when engaging in CFD transactions.


This part will go over the mechanism and logic behind the integration between eToro and Delta. It will help you understand how the syncing works and where to look if you encounter anomalies between the two platforms.

Total Portfolio Value mismatch

For a difference bigger than 10%, see the part on "how to escalate" below. If you see a total value mismatch smaller than 5%:

  • Check if you have the toggle "include available cash" toggle enabled.

  • Check if you are comparing the 2 platforms with the same currency.

  • One reason for discrepancies in the amount is that Delta uses different price sources internally compared to the ones you see on the eToro platform.

  • For crypto, please check if you have the eToro price source selected for your coin within Delta.

  • Try to deduct your total eToro value minus the Delta sum, and look for assets or transactions, and available cash equal to that amount.

  • Make sure you only have one eToro connection linked to 1 portfolio. Having multiple eToro connections syncing to the same portfolio will skew the syncing.

Assets & Positions

To identify the assets that are recorded differently in the Delta app, check for any mismatches in the following:

  • USD value

  • Amount

  • Prices

  • Transactions

Try to look for values that stand out in your Delta portfolio that you would not immediately recognize.

Please note that your eToro portfolio may have positions spread across different parts of the platform. You may be holding more than one AAPL position, in your own portfolio and another AAPL in a copy portfolio. Delta will record these as a single asset in your portfolio.

Available cash, withdrawals, and deposits

We are unable to fully support withdrawals and deposits due to an API limitation. To overcome this limitation, we have implemented a snapshotting mechanism. This mechanism takes a snapshot of your available cash in eToro, including any cash in copy portfolios, and makes adjustments for any missing deposits or withdrawals to ensure both platforms are in sync.

For example, if you have $1000 in available cash on day one and we sync with Delta, we will add a cash transaction of $1000 to your available cash. If the next day we sync and see $800, we will create a deposit of $200 to account for the difference.

If you notice any discrepancies between the cash in your eToro platform and the one in Delta, please contact us and provide screenshots of the eToro platform showing all available cash. Including cash sitting in mirror portfolios and copy portfolios is important because these will be accounted for in the total portfolio worth of your portfolio.

How to escalate?

Take screenshots of the following screens of your eToro app:

  • Your positions and assets with a high amount of USD value in relation to your portfolio.

  • Available cash segments (Mirror, copy portfolio, and your portfolio)

Optional to include the Account statement from eToro. Send us as much material as possible, head to Settings in Delta - Support - Contact Support and we will do our best to sort out any issues you are experiencing.

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