eToro Broker Account Connection is a fantastic way to keep your portfolio up-to-date automatically. It does not count towards the 2 connections limit in the FREE version of Delta

Most of our broker connections currently only are able to fetch history going back 90 days, and you need to manually input history before that. With eToro, you get up to 12 months! A massive increase and we are working with eToro to expand this to total history.

Before connecting to eToro, there are some things to be aware of.

Unsupported Assets: We support nearly 90% of the assets of eToro on Delta. That does mean that some assets we won't be able to match. We'll soon add support for commodities.

Price Differences: Small price differences between eToro & Delta of certain assets may occur as Delta only supports underlying asset prices.

Leverage Trading & Shorting: Delta doesn't support leveraged trades or shorts. We will process these trades as regular trades with adjusted profit/loss calculations.

CopyTraderTM & Smart Portfolios: While we do support CopyTradingTM & Smart Portfolios, Delta will import the individual transactions of these instead of treating it as one asset.


1. Press the plus sign "+" in the portfolio and choose "Connect eToro"

2. You will need to read and then press "I Understand" to continue the flow. For best results, you can always complete your history manually. You can read more on setting up your portfolio HERE

3. Press "Log in with eToro"

4. Follow the eToro prompts

5. Press "Open Delta" (Android only)

6. You are now at the import screen, choose the default if you have not already added your eToro history. If you have already then choose since date or new. If you just want the balance you can also choose that option

If you find yourself stuck or having any issue, please head to Settings in Delta - Support - Contact Support and give us as much detail as possible.

PRO TIP: Make sure the font is set to default having a different font can sometimes cause the search bar to disappear.

PRO TIP 2: eToro can pull transactions up to 12 months old, anything set before then cannot be retrieved yet and will need to be added manually.

PRO TIP 3: Choosing "Balance Only" will create buy transactions for the amount of your holdings for that days date and price so metrics will not be correct.

PRO TIP 4: We do not have manual matching for eToro Broker Connection that you might notice with other broker connections. We will work towards supporting everything on eToro so this will not be needed.

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