How to set up a Exchange Connection for Bitstamp

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A short guide explaining how you can connect Bitstamp to Delta and start pulling your historical transactions and keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and give you accurate profit / loss as you continue trading.

  1. Visit & click on the small round profile logo in the top right corner and choose ‘Settings’ from the menu.
    NOTE: You will need to go to "My Information" to get your customer ID as Delta requires it along with the API Key/Secret.

  2. Click API Access

  3. Click ‘New API Key

  4. Select Advanced Settings

  5. Only toggle on 'View account Balances, View your transactions and View open orders of the options on this page, and click 'Create new API key'. You will now be asked to enter a new two factor authentication code.

  6. Copy over (or scan) the ‘Key’ and the ‘Secret’ to Delta first, and then click on ‘Activate’. It's important you activate the key, otherwise it won't work. You'll receive an e-mail from Bitstamp with a verification link. Follow the instructions in the e-mail in order to activate the API Key.

    BitStamp support article can be found HERE If you are facing an error or having difficulty, please head to Settings in Delta - Support - Contact Support and give us as much information as possible and we will aim to get you best outcome.

PRO TIP: You can head to our limitations article HERE to see what actions are not supported and will need to be added manually.

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