How to set up a Exchange Connection for HTX

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A short guide explaining how you can connect Delta to HTX to start pulling your historical transactions and holdings. This will keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and it will give you accurate profit/loss as you continue trading.

  1. Log in to Then hover over your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar and click on ‘API Management’.

  2. Under ‘Create API Key’ give the connection a name so you know in the future the use of the API. For example, you can name it ‘Delta’. Then for ‘Permission settings’, ensure that only ‘Read-only’ has been ticked. You will need to leave the ‘Link IP address or IP segment (optional)’ part blank. You can then click on ‘Create’.

  3. Enter the email authorization code that was sent to your email for security authentication and press ‘confirm’.

  4. Copy over the ‘API Key’ and the ‘Secret’ into Delta, enter your settings, and then Add Connection.

PRO TIP: Due to API limitations with the HTX API, you can only import the past 2 days of trades, withdrawals & deposits. You will need to manually add in these missing transactions.

PRO TIP 2: Are certain transactions not importing into Delta? Reading this guide might help you understand why it is not importing and how to fix it.

PRO TIP 3: You can only create 20 API keys with HTX at one time.

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