A short guide explaining how you can connect Huobi to Delta and start pulling your historical transactions and keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and give you accurate profit / loss as you continue trading.

  1. Log in to huobi.com, click your email address and select ‘API Management’ from the dropdown.

  2. Go to Huobi API Management

  3. Enter ‘Delta’ or something else that uniquely identifies this key for you and leave the Bind IP Address empty (unless you have a fixed IP address on your phone, which is unlikely). Then click ‘Create’. It's possible that you get a Security Authentication dialog where you need to enter an email confirmation and then click ‘Confirm’.

  4. Copy over the ‘Access Key’ and the ‘Private Key’ and press ‘Confirm’.

  5. Your API keys will expire in 90 days so please remember to do this process over again after 90 days. This is due to a limitation of Huobi.

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