A short guide explaining how you can connect Kraken to Delta and start pulling your historical transactions and keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and give you accurate profit / loss as you continue trading.

  1. Visit kraken.com & click on ‘Account’ on the top navigation. Then select Settings on the menu below the black bar and click on API.

  2. Go to Kraken API settings

  3. Click ‘Generate New Key’

  4. Enter a Key Description (e.g.: Delta), leave the Nonce Window on 0, check `Query Funds`, `Query Open Orders & Trades`, `Query Closed Orders & Trades`, `Query Ledger Entries` and `Export Data` as Key Permissions. Leave Key Expiration, Query Start Date/Time and Query End Date/Time to `Off` and finally press ‘Generate Key’.

  5. Copy over the ‘API Key’ and the ‘Private Key’

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