How to set up a Exchange Connection for Kraken

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A short guide explaining how you can connect Delta to Kraken to start pulling your historical transactions and holdings. This will keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and it will give you accurate profit/loss as you continue trading.

  1. Visit & click on your name in the top right of the navigation bar.

  2. Select ‘Security’ to display a dropdown and then click on 'API'.

  3. Click ‘Add Key’.

  4. Enter a Key Description (e.g.: Delta) and leave the Nonce Window on 0.

  5. Then, check the following under Key Permissions:

    1. Query Funds

    2. Query Open Orders & Trades

    3. Query Closed Orders & Trades

    4. Query Ledger Entries

    5. Export Data

  6. Then, leave IP whitelisting, Key Expiration, Query Start Date/Time, and Query End Date/Time to ‘Off’ and finally press ‘Generate Key’. You may need to enter a 2FA key if you have one set up.

  7. Copy over the ‘API Key’ and the ‘Private Key’ into Delta, enter your settings, and then Add Connection.

PRO TIP: Are certain transactions not importing into Delta? Reading this guide might help you understand why it is not importing and how to fix it.

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