How to set up a Exchange Connection for Poloniex

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A short guide explaining how you can connect Poloniex to Delta and start pulling your historical transactions and keep Delta Investment Tracker updated and give you accurate profit / loss as you continue trading.

  1. Visit poloniex.com & hover over the profile icon in the top navigation. Then click on `Profile` in the menu below.

  2. Click API Keys in the top menu on the left.

  3. Click ‘Create API’.

  4. Make sure you don't select any of the options, and we recommend using the Unrestricted option in regards to IP, unless you know what you are doing. Click Next.

  5. A 2FA code will be sent to your email, paste it in, and click Submit.

  6. Copy over the ‘API Key’ and the ‘Secret Key’ To Delta.

  7. Follow the prompts in the Delta app and your transactions and balance will be pulled into your chosen Portfolio in Delta!

PRO TIP: Are certain transactions not importing into Delta? Reading this guide might help you understand why it is not importing and how to fix it.

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