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How can I import data from a CSV?
How can I import data from a CSV?

Here you will learn how to import a CSV of transactions into Delta via the mobile app.

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With the new feature for importing transactions into Delta via a .CSV file, we have a few pointers and guides you can follow below.

  1. First select the Portfolio you want to import the transactions into.

  2. Then select which formatting the file has: our own Delta format, or from an external source like Coinbase Pro, Cointracking, Exodus, Trezor, and Yahoo Finance. You can find instructions on where to get the CSV file from for the said format by tapping the info (i) icon. We will continue to support more external formats in the future.

  3. Press the upload button next to the format you want to import & you will have to navigate to where the CSV file is located and select it.

  4. This will start processing the file, which should only take a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on how many transactions/rows there are in the CSV file.

  5. You will then be shown a new screen that will tell you how many transactions we could successfully parse in the CSV file and match to our supported assets. If we were unable to match any asset (of given asset type), they are listed separately.

  6. If you go into the overview of detected transactions you will be met with a view like this, where all transactions linked to a specific asset will be grouped together, and on the right you will see the total balance detected for those transactions.

  7. In Settings => Devices & Data we have added a new section for "CSV Import History", where you can manage any imported CSV files. That includes importing a new version, replacing or reverting the import all together.

Troubleshooting Delta CSV Format

If you encounter any errors while trying to import our Delta CSV format, please refer to this troubleshooting guide.

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