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How to create an account on Desktop & Web
How to create an account on Desktop & Web

Here is a guide on how to create an account for the new Delta Desktop & Web apps

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Are you interested in getting started with the Delta Desktop app? With that, you’ll need to sign in using your eToro account.

We use the eToro account to sign in to the Delta Desktop app and to sync your data between the Desktop and Mobile apps.

For more information on how we use eToro to sign-in with Delta, check out the Delta Account help article.

Step one is to open your shiny new Delta Desktop app and follow the on-screen prompts.

You'll be directed to a browser page in order to link your eToro account with your Delta Desktop app securely.

Log into the eToro login page using your eToro login details. Don't have an eToro account? No problem! It takes minutes to sign-up and once you're registered you'll be back to Delta in no time.

Once logged in you'll be asked to give Delta permission to use your eToro account to log in to Delta.

After you've approved, you can follow the rest of the onboarding steps to get your Delta Desktop app personalised to exactly how you like it!

From here you'll find yourself on the Markets page of the Delta app, ready to explore!

Have any questions about the above? Our friendly team is always here to help, drop us a message through the Support section of your app and we'll get you sorted.

Happy tracking!

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