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What can I do on Desktop & Web?
What can I do on Desktop & Web?

Here is a list of things you currently can and cannot do on the new Delta Desktop & Web apps

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Delta Investment Tracker is available on Desktop and Web and has been crafted to be a companion for the Delta Investment Tracker app.

They have been designed to have the same feel as the mobile but with some greater functionality in some areas with some restrictions in other areas, for now.

Delta Desktop can be downloaded HERE. You will also need to have connected your Delta Account.

The requirement is you have Windows, Mac OS, or Linux* and, and that you reside in a country not subject to eToro's blocking measures.

*Linux will be given upon request and there is limited support available for Linux version of Delta Desktop.

Features in Delta Desktop and Web vs Delta Investment Tracker on Mobile

Desktop & Web

Mobile App



Portfolio View

Graph View


Notifications & Alerts


Hide Amounts

NFT Explorer

Live Prices

Why Is It Moving (WIIM)

Available Cash

Delta Direct

Recently Viewed

Asset Info

Cross listings


Weekly Summary

Coming Soon!

Portfolio Insights

Coming Soon!

Add & Edit Transactions

Coming Soon!

Add Exchange Connections

Coming Soon!

Add Wallet Connections

Coming Soon!

Add Broker Connections

Coming Soon!

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