First, check notification settings on your phone

Check if you enabled push notifications permissions for Delta on your phone. If it isn't enabled, please enable it.

If enabled and still not receiving:

  1. Open Delta and go to the Settings tab.

  2. Open Push Notifications and then select Troubleshooting Notifications. This will run a brief diagnostics test and send you a test notification.

  3. The test results will advise you on how to proceed. If the test is successful and you receive the test notification but you are still experiencing issues then please contact support.

There are odd cases where during the installation process, we didn't manage to get your push notification token. In this case, a simple reinstall will work. No worries, your data won't be gone after reinstalling. Exchange account connections will need to be re-added as keys are not stored for security reasons.

Still not working? Please contact us via

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