Welcome to Delta! To get started with your portfolio you can connect it to an exchange account or you can add a transaction manually. To add a manual transaction, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the 'plus' sign to start. You will be given the choice of 4 options
    - Add Manual Transaction
    - Connect Exchange Account
    - Connect Wallet
    - Connect Broker Account

  2. Choose "Add Manual Transaction" You will be given the choice of up to 6 options
    - Crypto
    - Stocks
    - Indices
    - Futures
    - Currencies

  3. Choose Crypto or Stocks depending on what you want to add. (if you have multiple of one type to add in the search screen at the bottom set it as default to save time choosing the path each time.)

  4. Search for the Coin, Fiat Currency or Stock of your choice by typing it's name or shortcode.

  5. Select the right token or stock and this will open the 'transaction details' screen.

  6. You have the option to record either a Buy, Sell or Transfer. (crypto only)

Recording a Buy or Sell:

  1. Enter all the required fields (fields above additional options).

  2. Select the exchange where you performed the trade and the correct trading pair.

  3. Enter the buy/sell price. You can do this either "per coin" or "in total" i.e. say you bought 2.5 ETH for $700 per ETH ($1750 total), you could either enter $700 using "per coin" option or $1750 using "in total" option.

  4. Enter the amount bought / amount sold.

  5. Enter the date and time you made this transaction (or when it was executed).

  6. The "Deduct from..." option ("Add to..." when adding a sell transaction) is very useful if you want to reflect changes in your pair currency. For example, let's say you have some BTC already added in your portfolio. Now as you are entering a ETH/BTC buy transaction, if you turn on this option, Delta will automatically create a linked sell transaction under your BTC holdings subtracting the corresponding amount of BTC. Note, that since these two transactions are linked, editing or deleting either one of them will automatically edit or delete the other.

  7. We also provide a field for you to enter a transaction fee! You can enter the amount of fee incurred in number or percentage format. This is extremely helpful in maintaining accurate balances for your portfolio.

Recording a Transfer (crypto only):

  1. Choose the source and destination (where the coinswere sent to) of your coin.

  2. Depending on the source and destination the app will treat the transaction as a transfer, deposit or withdrawal. For example 'Mining' to 'My Wallet' will be treated as a deposit, 'My Wallet' to 'Exchange' will be treated as a transfer and 'Exchange' to 'Other' will be treated as a withdrawal.

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