How can I connect an exchange account to Delta?

Instructions on how to connect exchanges to Delta

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Every user can connect up to two different exchange accounts. If you want unlimited connections, then you can very easily do this by upgrading to PRO. You can learn more about PRO and its features here ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Setting up your exchange API details takes a couple of minutes and requires you to follow some steps. It involves logging into the exchange of your choice, creating an API key & filling that data into the form - so read the following carefully.

Setting up Exchange Account Connections:

  1. Exchange connections are tied to individual portfolios. So first enter the portfolio you want to connect the exchange connection to.

  2. Tap the circle with the 'plus' sign and select "Connect Exchange Account" on the next page.

  3. Choose the exchange you would like to connect to. There are two types of exchange connections - one that supports historical transactions and the other where we can import only the current balance due to limitations on the exchange's end.

  4. Once you choose an exchange, you will need to fill out the form correctly. Specific instructions for each exchange are provided via the '?' icon on the top right when entering the API/secret keys. (A Coinbase connection doesn't have a form. It will ask for the authorization when you tap 'Add connection'. After authorization, tap on 'Add connection' again).

  5. Enter the Key, Secret and/or Passphrase as required.

  6. Select the appropriate options for the import. Read below for details. (Please read these carefully as the choice matters a great deal and will influence your portfolio balances).

Import withdrawals/deposits (default ON)

When this option is enabled, cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawals/deposits will also be imported. Please note that disabling this option may result in inaccurate holdings. You will need to add other exchange or wallet connections or add the counter withdrawals or deposits since we don't know where the funds are being sent to or from.

Import (required)

You will need to select between four import options:

  • Import all transactions: Imports the entire transaction history as far back as the exchange API allows us. Not all exchanges allow us to go back to the time of your first trade on that exchange. Some exchanges limit the import to the last 3, 7, or 30 days, etc.

  • Import all transactions since date: Skips transactions before the specified date.

  • Import new transactions only: Imports future transactions from when the connection is added. If you have already added all your past trades manually & donโ€™t want to mess with it then this option is for you!

  • Import balances only: Only imports your balances as one transaction.

Please be aware that importing past transactions might heavily influence your current portfolio balances.

Remove existing transactions (default OFF)

If you select 'Import all transactions' or 'Import all transactions since date' in the previous setting, you will also have this option. This will delete all manually entered transactions with the particular exchange selected in the appropriate time frame. For example, if you add a Binance connection with "import all transactions" and turn ON "Remove existing transactions", all your manually added Binance transactions will be removed! If you had selected "Import all transactions since date" then your manually added Binance transactions since that date will get removed. The removed transactions can be restored if and when you delete the connection.

Turn this option ON if you already have manually added transactions and want to overwrite them with the API import. This will help avoid duplicate transactions.

Notify me of future transactions (PRO)

We will send you a notification when we import a transaction from this connection.

Important! Your keys are stored on your device & are never sent to our servers. This is an extra layer of security that comes with one caveat: API key data will not be recovered/transferred/synced. However, there is no need to enter the API keys on every synced device, as the trades themselves will be synced.

PRO TIP: If the balance imported is incorrect, please check the relevant steps above and ensure you have followed them correctly. It will also be worth taking a look through the transactions that were imported to see if any are messing up the final balance.

PRO TIP 2: If your balance is incorrect and you followed the tips in the first PRO TIP, please note that there are some limitations on what can and cannot be imported. You can learn more about this here. You will need to manually enter these transactions.

PRO TIP 3: If you receive the "Stuck waiting in Queue" error for an exchange connection, please press on the circular arrows to the left of the connection and do not go off of the page until they have finished spinning. If you leave the page before it is complete, the sync could be canceled and you will need to restart the sync. This can take up to 15 minutes for the first sync.

PRO TIP 4: The settings for 'Import withdrawals/deposit', 'Import', and 'Remove existing transactions' can only be changed when adding the connection. Once a connection is added, it cannot be edited.

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