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Exchange connection is not syncing / shows an error.
Exchange connection is not syncing / shows an error.
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Added an exchange connection but your coin history/balance is not imported, even if it says last synced recently?

Make sure you enabled the "Import past transactions" toggle. Delta will only import past transactions (and hence the balance) only if this is enabled while adding the connection. It cannot be changed later.

Getting an error message when trying to sync an Exchange connection? Here's what they mean and what you need to do / not do:

Your sync is waiting in the queue: 

An error occurred while syncing and we'll try again later.
You can head to Settings in Delta -> Connections (or click here to open Connections in Delta) and hit the circular arrows to start a manual sync. While this occurs, please keep your Delta active. If the app goes to the background or lock screen, the connection might be disconnected by the device for taking longer than 30 seconds. We have tried to speed up the sync with the exchange but have found exchanges will rate-limit the connection. If the sync then fails after, please head to Settings in Delta -> Support (or click here to open Support in Delta) -> Contact Support and we can look into it further.

Error: invalid API credentials: 

The API rejected your authentication data. As a user, you should check and update the API credentials (key, secret, etc.). Do not delete the exchange connection as this deletes imported transactions. You can just update the connection with a new key if you wish to do so. To learn more on how to update API keys, follow this guide here.

Error: API credentials have insufficient access: 

We checked the credentials with the API and we could not perform some necessary operations (e.g. retrieve your trades) due to a permissions error. As a user, you have to go to the exchange and make sure all required permissions are enabled (see the instructions via the '?' symbol on the top right of the screen when adding a connection). This error is also thrown when you have more permissions than necessary (we do not want to make trades with your API, so if you give us an API with permissions to do so, we will reject it for your security).

Error: exchange rate-limited your IP. Please try again later: 

Many exchanges limit the number of requests we (as an app) can make per hour. Hence, once we reach this limit, users get this error message. As a user, you cannot do much, except limit the number of times you press refresh and lower the sync interval. (We have contacted some exchanges for a solution to this issue. In the meantime, try not to manually force-sync, as this will only worsen the issue.)

Error: exchange did not respond. Please try again later: 

Some network error happened while trying to contact the API. This could be either on your end (your internet connection) or the exchanges. As a user, try changing your network/data connection and/or try again later. We would also recommend checking you have no firewall/VPN settings blocking the connection.

This API is temporarily unavailable: 

We have intentionally disabled this API on our back end for whatever reason. As a user, you cannot do much but wait for the issue to be resolved.

PRO TIP: You can find any errors below each connection in the connections tab.

PRO TIP 2: Please try following the steps above first before writing in to support. Usually, you can fix the connection before writing in.

PRO TIP 3: You will not be able to update some of the connection settings but you can update the API key/secret. You may need to re-add the connection in some cases.

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